Atlanta, Georgia Payroll Company

Source 5 is a payroll company from Atlanta, Georgia. Our payroll services are customized to meet the needs of your industry and business. Our goal is to provide excellent services to our customers and to introduce alternative solutions.

Providing payroll services, HR services, Insurance & Retirement Services, and more.

HR Services

HR Services are perfect for companies that need to comply with domestic and international laws. Source 5's HRx Program offers Immigration and Naturalization compliance as well as environmental and Documentation and Information security. Our software program also aids businesses by offering Reduce Reduction Management services that will help with litigations.

Other important features of HRx are background checks, legal support for staff, hiring and termination assistance and labor and union issues. We also cover strikes, contract negotiations and union interventions. We offer help in all areas of human resource

Our software also offers a Support Center with an ASK THE EXPERT option.  

Domestic & International Compliance

We offer a variety of compliance assistance:

  • Audits & Assessments
  • Immigration & Nationalization
  • Operations & Production Management
  • International Business Development
  • Domestic & International Expansion / Relocation
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Documentation & Information Security
  • International Medical Coverage Orientation

Litigation & Risk Reduction

To help with Litigation and Risk Reduction Management, HRx offers:

  • Hiring Verification & Termination Assistance
  • Audits & Assessments
  • Background Checks
  • On-staff Legal Support - "First Call"

Labor Relations

  • Litigation Assessment
  • Union Avoidance
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Strike Team Support

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