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Source 5 is a payroll company from Atlanta, Georgia. Our payroll services are customized to meet the needs of your industry and business. Our goal is to provide excellent services to our customers and to introduce alternative solutions.

Providing payroll services, HR services, Insurance & Retirement Services, and more.

Insurance & Retirement Plus

Insurance & Retirement plans are available for employees as well as financial education. Source 5 offers services and education assistance that are not a part of the standard 401 K plan.

Money management can be frustrating and upsetting when unfamiliar terminology and overwhelming information is complied in the same sentence. Source 5 works to sort out these issues and explain what options are available and how employees can choose the right option for them.

We also help by providing cost effective advantages that reduce employee turnover and increase the profits to the company while increasing the company value as well. We offer help with making nonparallel investment choices involving other plans. We are here to help bring companies and their employees together.

  • Unparalleled Investment Services
  • Integrity
  • Personal Attention
  • Service

At Source 5 those are not just words; they're the foundation of our company. We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled services, administration and investments for 401(k) and other qualified plans. What does this mean to you? Our partnership can provide ease of operation and cost-effective benefits that result in a reduction of employee turnover benefits that ultimately increase profits and the value of your company. Our mission is to help you chart a clear and steady course for your financial future and that of your employees.

Payroll Associates has an integrated 401k partner, The Online 401k is a fully bundled retirement plan provider serving the needs of small and start up 401k plans. One of the best advantages of a partnership with a company like The Online 401k is that they understand the payroll business more than any other 401k provider. 

Benefits to service bureaus:

  • First year and ongoing revenue share
  • No selling on the part of the service bureau. Simply provide prospect information to The Online 401k team and you are kept in the loop every step of the way
  • The Online 401k works with a national network of independent payroll providers and helps you better compete against ADP and Paychex
Benefits to your clients:
  • A fully integrated solution that requires virtually no administrative tasks on their part after the plan is established
  • For a company that has 2-30 employees, the monthly cost is only $155, no matter what the total assets
  • NO asset based fees and NO participant fees
  • A wide variety of funds to choose from, as well as access to a brokerage account

Employer Benefits:

  • Tax saving tool
  • Works with current payroll service
  • We select and monitor the investment for your plan
  • Fees and expenses are lower

Employee Benefits:

  • Savings and investment plans is created specifically for each participant and updated quarterly 
  • The Advance path option offers unique advisory services, like built in person financial planner
  • Telephone access to an investment adviser representative
  • Web access to account

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