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Source 5 is a payroll company from Atlanta, Georgia. Our payroll services are customized to meet the needs of your industry and business. Our goal is to provide excellent services to our customers and to introduce alternative solutions.

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Electronic Reports

Electronic Reports are available for companies who deal with large volumes of paper on a regular basis. ViewChoice from Source 5  is a special software application that contains reporting modules such as copies of 1099’s, W-2’s, processed tax returns, and payroll histories according to the method they were dispersed, whether it was weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually or quarterly.

ViewChoice can be integrated to manage payroll for multiple companies under the same umbrella. Employers can create copies of check stubs and payment history in PDF format. When employers need this information for whatever reason it can be accessed within minutes with only a few clicks of the mouse. ViewChoice also allows hard-copy copies to be made in case of a power failure. Employers can also back track and reprint lost W-2’s, reports, and checks.

Benefits of our ViewChoice software:

  • A complete history of all payroll received for the last year, quarterly or monthly
  • Replaces paper reports and eliminate extensive paper storage
  • Backup copy in case hard copy reports are unavailable
  • Reprint W-2s, live checks, vouchers or reports right away and in your office
  • Encrypted emailed reports
  • Secure Platform

ViewChoice Reporting Includes:

  • Convenient, downloaded payroll reports and check images
  • Easy access to pay stubs, reports, labor distribution and payroll registers.  Quarter end reports are also available
  • All reports are available to you in the Payroll module. You can download in PDF format, save or print these reports
  • Replaces paper reports and eliminates extensive paper storage
  • Reprint W-2s, live checks, vouchers or reports immediately in your office
  • Annual from-to checks history is available for any period, for any employee
  • Export information for ViewChoice to PDF
  • Send a copy to your accountant or auditor at year end

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